Vanuatu Fibreglass Factory

Commercial Buildings


With over 40 years of building experience across a wide range of industry sectors, our expertise in commercial buildings of all types is extensive.

We will happily consult on projects big and small to ensure the most efficient and economical opportunities are considered to achieve the best results in purpose built buildings.

We supply large Industrial and Commercial buildings across NSW and Queensland and readily apply our consulting to on site building where required. Our experience also extends to buildings engineered for cyclonic rated regions and flood prone areas. The Ultimate Steel Framing product range includes engineered building solutions specifically developed for the agricultural, domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Just some of the commercial scale buildings we have done include:

  • Aircraft hangers
  • Storage sheds
  • Large over roof structures
  • Workshops
  • Sheds and garages of all sizes
  • Vehicle sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Workshop industrial buildings

We are also one of the largest exporters of commercial and industrial steel buildings, having sent several buildings to Norfolk Island, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, Christmas Islands (Kiramati Islands), Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.


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