Burleigh Heads Fire & Rescue Station

Queensland Fire & Rescue Service needed a durable strong lightweight steel frame for their fire station, the building is also needed as a post-disaster station and needed the Engineering to pass as a importance level 4. Importance level 4 is given to any building that houses an emergency service, whereas a typical house will have a Importance level 2. The engineering of our steel framing was easily achieved with trusses at 900mm spacing spanning 15m, that is because our state of the art system has been tested and had Australia’s greatest engineers work on an efficient yet durable product. The result is a system with the capability of handling even the largest spans and the most harsh conditions.

This station services the area north to Surfers Paradise, west to the motorway and south to Coolangatta and on average responds to more than 500 incidents in any given year. So expansion was needed to service the growing Gold Coast population. The million dollar works involved in the demolition of the previous walling and roofing that containedĀ asbestos and be fitted out with new rooms and private quarters.

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