House built in Wongawallen

Ultimate Steel Framing (USF) only use Truecore® steel when rolling out wall frames, trusses and joists. Truecore® steel is made by Bluescope® and is all made here in Australia from the steel mill in Port Kembla to the slitting and processing plants in Eagle Farm. When you buy a system made by USF you are not only buying from a family business but supporting the local economy and everyday Australians.

Our frames are made using the Enduroframe® Building System, which has a culmination of over 20 years of research and development into light gauge steel framing. Combined with the expertise and experience that USF has to offer you can be rest assured that your building has the latest and upto date features. With the backing of Bluescope® behind Enduroframe® , the development and strong support simply puts our framing system above the others in the market.

Whether you are an owner builder looking for an easy yet reliable frame or a builder looking for an efficient way to do your next project. USF can handle a variety of styles, while most rely heavily on structural steel with Enduroframe® a lot of unnecessary structural steel can be eliminated using our framing system. Less steel = less to pay. Take a look at our brochures to see some of the projects we have done in the past, you  can see the comprehensive designs commonly dealt with.

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