How Long will it take to build my project?

“How long will it take to build my project?”. A common question asked by our customers, the fact is that it varies so often with work load. A timeline has been set up for those wanting to know a rough idea of what a typical building process:

Quote state : 1-7 days – Quotes vary as the estimating can be a lengthy task, a simple small shed may receive a response in 1 hour and a some commercial jobs can take up to a couple of weeks. All requests receive a response!

Deposit Stage: 1-2 week – Just like the quoting except the design is now being detailed for the exact site, the process can be sped up with plans issued for construction. This is the stage where the design is made ready for production and the certifications to be given to council.

Council approval: 4 weeks generally – This process varies a lot as different council take different times.

Production stage: 1-4 weeks – When the go ahead for production is given by the client depending on the size of the job and workload it takes usually a week or two.

Delivery stage: 1-7 days¬†– Local delivery’s can take up to a week depending on demand, transport companies also sometimes only service an area once a week!


So in conclusion the times really do vary, the best way to speed up the process is by having all the paperwork done before its needed.